Etre rappelé par votre conseiller en gestion de patrimoine

Your questions

What is the purpose of a wealth management adviser?


Unsurprisingly, a wealth management adviser manages… wealth.
The adviser’s objective is to support you over the long term, and to advise you on all matters connected to your wealth.

They will not only be involved in the financial and real estate solutions made available to you, but will also be your partner for all civil, matrimonial, legal and tax questions.

They will be as much the doctor who carries out the diagnosis and issues the prescription, as the orchestra conductor with a transverse vision of all the instruments at their disposal.

Bare property solutions, structured products, private equity, SRI and ESG, SCPI and OPCI, Reinvestment 150-O B ter: what does this all mean?


Don’t panic! These investment solutions are much less complex than they seem, and we are here to help you see clearly. We have expertise in these solutions, and can explain and recommend them to you under the best conditions… because you are certainly eligible for them! By the way, has your financial adviser already spoken to you about these?

Who are your clients?


The profiles of the people who put their trust in us are highly varied. They range from serial entrepreneurs in their thirties to managers approaching retirement, including large investors, executives, self-employed professionals and retirees. What do they all have in common? They have capital, assets, savings or debt capacity for which they wish to seize all possible opportunities. Then, they feel dissatisfied with their bank and the solutions proposed – or not – to make their money work. That’s where we come in!

I'd like to meet you, how can I do that?


To start with, you can call us on 01 85 10 10 22, or write to us at We would be delighted to hear from you.

We are based at 2 Rue de Messine, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. You are welcome to visit us there, but we can also come to you if you prefer.

During the first meeting, we will ask you all the necessary questions to establish a diagnosis of your assets, and to target your needs and motivations. Your answers will enable us to offer you a tailor-made investment strategy.

During the second meeting, we will detail this strategy and also submit our recommendations to you. We will present the investment solutions we consider best for you, and also give you background notes.

At the end, we hope to have the pleasure of counting you among our clients.

I have no capital, no significant assets, nor any particularly large savings capacity. Are your services relevant for me?


Of course. If you have access to credit or have a savings capacity, even a relatively modest one, we have things to talk about. Investment products and solutions exist (real estate investment companies, real estate, compensated rate, etc.) that can help you build an asset base or guarantee additional income in a few years. Call us and let’s talk.

If I put my trust in you, who am I really entrusting my money to?



You entrust us with managing your money, which will be invested in the banks and with the insurers we have selected for you… and that you have chosen. Our supervisory authorities do not allow us to cash in your assets, and at no time are we empowered to make decisions for you.

And if we were to disappear (though there is no reason for this to happen)? Your contracts would still exist with each of the banks and insurance companies.

You say you have a human approach: in what way?



Digital tools are useful for communicating quickly, wherever you are. But they are not enough to create a relationship of trust. However, this is essential in our profession. On a daily basis, we therefore combine the advantages of digital with the importance of human relationships. 

When we talk about support, these aren’t empty words. By entrusting your interests to Alternative Patrimoine, you benefit from the work, not just of a wealth management consultant, but of a team made up of a consultant and a founding partner, who are themselves surrounded by experts. This team will be at your service, and will know you and your objectives. Together, the founding partner and the wealth management consultant compare their ideas, and promise you their joint expertise. They also ensure regular monitoring of your assets and their performance. They are reachable, and keep an expert and committed eye on everything that concerns you.

Why become competitors of banks after being their employees?


We loved working at Barclays Patrimoine. There we learned rigour, and respect for rules and procedures. The experience we gained there is decisive in our approach to the business. But this subsidiary, which operated independently and allowed us a lot of freedom, was an exception in the banking world. When we learned that its existence was in doubt in France, we knew that our way of working was disappearing at the same time. 

On top of this, there is a certain ‘industrialisation’ of banking in France. The banks developing today are increasingly disconnected from their clients, who they know little and now invest less time in. 

We therefore decided to take our work force and our freedom with us, in order to allow ourselves more independence within a structure on a human scale which knows its clients and supports them in the long term. This is how Alternative Patrimoine was born. Today, not tied to any brand, we can be where the best solutions are to be found.

Why choose you rather than any other wealth management firm?


We like to think that, if you were a client, you would no longer being asking that. In the meantime that’s a fair question, and here is our response: 


  • Because we are four partners, and we share very distinct skills that allow us to affirm, without any false modesty, that between the four of us, we have encountered more than 10,000 client situations.
  • Because we have particularly solid experience in the most prestigious banking institutions, and we know how to choose the best investment solutions for you.
  • Because we bring together complementary expertise in asset engineering and financial and real estate investment, which enables us to envisage a range of strategies to meet your objectives.
  • Because, with us, you benefit from the work of a team of wealth management consultants, including a founding partner who monitors your file and your performance on a daily basis.
  • Because we know how to surround ourselves with the best partners in order to develop, together with them, innovative products reserved for our clients.
  • Because we do not invest your money straight away when you entrust it to us. Our experience has taught us to wait and pick the ideal time to take advantage of market opportunities. That’s not common.
  • Because we have chosen not to charge a fixed fee, but to be remunerated in line with your added value.
  • Because we don’t sell products: we design strategies.

Why won't I be better supported by my own bank?


Let’s be honest: has your bank ever asked you to make your capital, your assets, or your savings grow? If that’s the case, it’s surprising. But has it also offered you the most interesting investment solutions? Probably not, since it can only propose its own products. What contact do you actually have with your adviser? How many times has your adviser changed in recent years? We come from the banking sector. We know its shortcomings. And because we are close to our clients, we also know what they need.

Do you charge a fixed fee?


No, our remuneration depends on the performance of the investments we make for our clients. It’s our way of proving that we have every reason to be constantly concerned with optimising the performance of the assets entrusted by our clients.